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We are the largest import express courier and rising freight forwarding company in Bangladesh having 5000 kg everyday express courier shpts from Hong Kong China to Bangladesh.

We handle warehousing and distribution including IOR (Importer or Records).

We handle pharmaceuticals and biological shipments including temperature and time sensative shipments, dangerous goods, infectious substances, etc.

Our team is long experienced in express courier Air Freight and Sea Freight, who woked for more than 2 decades of 24 years, in world re-known and largest companies like Worlds largest courier FedEx, Words Oldest Freight Forwarder AEI, Worlds Oldest Non Vessel Operating Common Career NVOCC Votainer, etc.

We are trained in Dangerous Goods, Infectious substances, Multimodal transportations etc.

We send daily console to Hong Kong, Shenzen, Taipei, Delhi, Seoul, Singapore, Dubai, London, New York and receive daily console from those origins.

Contact: M Yakub Chowdhury, CEO, Cell: 8801747400870, 8801615590483, E-mail: yakub@ayzexpress.com, yakubayz@gmail.com.

Other Contact: Zafar Iqbal, Owner, Cell: 8801613464428, e-mail: zafar@ayzexpress.com

Fardar Express and AYZ Express works jointly in Bangladesh
Shipment Tracking:
You can check status of your shipment movement stage anytime anywhere at our website.
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Our services:

Express Courier Documents samples Export Import

Air Freight Export Import

Sea Freight Export Import FCL LCL

Customs Brokerage, Warehousing, Distribution

Biological Pharmaceutical shpt Transport - Time and Temperature sensative shipments

F 106 Mohakhali C/A,
Dhaka 12126, Bangladesh.
Tel: (88) 9897521, 9896916, 9862869, 9863296,
Fax: (88) 02 9896916,
E-mail: info@ayzexpress.com
151 Sk Mujib Road, 2nd floor,
Sultan market, Agrabad c/a,
Chittagong 4000,
Tel: 88 031 725735, 2519248, 2519249,
Fax: (88) 031 2519249,
E-mail: info@ayzexpress.com

Our Websites:
Asian shipments: Fardar Express
Indian Shipments: Budget Logistics
European Shipments: LHR Global
Biological Shipments: www.marken.com
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